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You're about to get the chance to peer over the shoulder of a top affiliate marketer as she reveals how she makes a legitimate, full-time income by creating Amazon review sites...

Colleen Slater

From: Colleen Slater

RE: Finally, The No-Brainer Guide to Successful Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Are you struggling to make money online?

Don't you wish there was a clear and concise program that showed you exactly what to do to crush it?

You probably already know...

There are a lot of myths when it comes to online marketing...

And if you're like most of us, you've probably been barraged by the countless ads, sales letters, and marketing emails from so called "experts" and "gurus."

Everywhere you look, people are talking about how you can become a millionaire overnight...

They shove their products in our face and say:

"Just buy my program/book/download and you'll be rich."

But you know what?

These so called experts and "gurus" are full of it.

If Internet Marketing were that easy, there would be a lot more millionaires...

In fact, everyone would be doing it, and there wouldn't be a need for the thousands of programs that assail our computer screens every single day.

The truth is, it's not as easy to make money online as you've been told...

And it's even harder when you don't have a crystal-clear game plan...

Which is why I've created an in-depth and actionable program that can help you finally get over the hump, and succeed in online marketing.

It's a full breakdown of essential components that, when used diligently, can bring you tremendous success.

And it's about to be yours...

But first, a brief word on affiliate marketing...

Traditional affiliate marketing can be tricky, confusing, and downright exhausting...

There are so many products, so many sites, and so much competition...

And the truth is, standing out from the crowd can be tough.

Worst of all, most affiliate marketers suffer from a huge credibility issue...

When you sell obscure products, taken from sites and individuals that no one has ever heard of, it's hard for people to trust you.

Like it or not, we live in a cynical world...

And for all your customers know, you could be another snake oil salesman, promising the moon and delivering a pebble...

So you need to figure out a way to quickly earn your prospects trust.

That's why Amazon is about to become your best friend...

It's been around for over 17 years, and is the number one online retailer on the planet...

10% of all online sales come from Amazon (source, Internet Retailer, 2010)

$95 million is spent each day on their website

That equates to $2,850,000,000 in sales per month,

Or, in the year 2010,

$34,000,000,000 in annual sales.

People love Amazon.

Virtually everyone in the world has heard of them...

Amazon is the perfect resource for marketers of all levels...

They have millions of products, and cater to every niche you can imagine...

They make cross-selling simple, and up-selling even easier

When customers see the Amazon logo on their screen, they buy with confidence.


Now before you run to Amazon and dive-in head first, take a deep breath...

Because just like with any other affiliate opportunity, you need to know what you're doing...

If you blindly begin working as an Amazon affiliate, you'll end up wasting countless hours, and you may still never realize a profit.

That's why I've created the foolproof blueprint for mastering the arts of affiliate marketing through Amazon.

And as I promised, I'm going to show you exactly how my program works, and why I believe it can contribute greatly to your financial success.

But there is one thing I have to tell you first, and it's very important...

This is not for those of you looking for "quick fixes."

If you're one of those serial buyers who goes around, scooping up products, and never opening them, then this is NOT for you...

I'm about to lay down some cold-hard truth on you, so pay attention:

There is no such thing as "instant profits" in Internet Marketing, and those who tell you otherwise are lying...

My program will require you to do some work, and you have to truly want to succeed in Affiliate Marketing. You must be truly determined to succeed...

Is this a commitment that you're willing to make?

I hope so, because what I've created is pretty darn special...

Amazon Treasure Chest – The Affiliate Business in a Box

The Amazon Treasure Chest Product Image

With this program, I lovingly hold your hand and walk you through every single step you need to complete in order to become an expert Amazon Affiliate...

You'll watch over my shoulder as I build powerful
Amazon Affiliate Review Sites.

There is work involved, but there is absolutely no mystery...

You're about to gain access to over 720 MB of content...

And see Amazon Affiliate Review Sites created from scratch...

Discovering the secrets that took me years of trial and error to learn...

This is an entire Amazon Business, ready to go, and yours for the taking...

Invest in this program today, and you could have your first site set up and earning profits within the week...

Are you skeptical? Here's what others are saying about this program:

I Was Able To Locate A Niche, Find The Keywords And Begin To Promote All Within 1 Day. Unbelievable!

"I am an internet marketeer but have never done anything with Amazon mainly due to the fact that I didn't know where to start.

This program is an answer to a dream.

It lays out in simple and straight forward terms (with lots of examples in both video and in the documentation) of how to exactly find and promote Amazon products.

I never realized how much Amazon has to offer and how easy it is to promote them.

I was able to locate a niche, find the keywords and begin to promote all within 1 day. Unbelievable!

Not only does the program give you step-by-step instructions on how to begin to build a profitable website using Amazon but it also steers you away from potentially disastrous mistakes relating to finding profitable keywords. No point in having tons of traffic but for the wrong keywords and nobody buys.

I was lucky enough to receive a review copy and let me tell you, whatever the price, this program will be more than worth it and pay for itself in no time.

A word of warning - this is not a get rich quick scheme. It requires work but with this guide it is easy. Just follow the process and the profits will roll in!


John Kelly"

Each Step You Need To Take Is Spelled Out For You

"...The great thing about this program is that it gives you a blueprint. Each step you need to take is spelled out for you. This is great, especially for new marketers...

Jonathan Pitts."

This package could easily sell for hundreds of dollars and would be worth every penny!

"...Wow! Hi Colleen

What an Amazing amount of information. Fantastic value for the money. A truly incredible resource for anyone wanting to finally make some money with the Amazon Affiliate Program!

This package could easily sell for hundreds of dollars and would be worth every penny!

Thank you so much for sharing your insight, knowledge and resources.

Sincerely Appreciated!

- Buz72 "

"Pure gold" - and tons of it

"...Hi Colleen

Just finished the massive download and have already had a "sneak peek" at the content.

What we have seen so far is "pure gold" - and tons of it.


- Bronwyn and Keith"

Now, I don't believe in surprises...

I want you to make an investment in your future...

One that will bring you huge dividends for years to come...

And I won't ask you to make this choice blind.

So let me tell you exactly what you get with Amazon Treasure Chest:

An Entire, Ready-to-Go Amazon Affiliate Business.

From start to finish, whether you're completely green, or a seasoned vet, you'll benefit from tips, tricks, and best practices that I'll generously share with you.

You get two unique and powerful Treasure Chests, each filled to the brim with Affiliate gold.

Treasure Chest 1 – Keyword and Niche Motherload

When most people offer you a product dealing with Amazon niches, you end up with one of the following:

Now I don't know about you, but none of these options seem very appealing to me...

When you invest in a product, you deserve something special...

So I spent months upon months researching niches in every single category...

And created 16 different modules in this first Treasure Chest, covering each of the major niches for you...

How many niches are we talking about?

I know one marketer that sells niches for $1 per...

Boy would that make my product expensive...

You see, I want nothing more than for you to succeed...

Which is why...

I've researched over 6,000 Amazon Niches, and included them in this first Treasure Chest

Amazon Treasur Chest

Giving you 6,152 fully researched Amazon Niches

Ready to go, waiting to be turned into a life-long income stream...

And you'll get every single keyword related to each niche.

To be clear, we're not just talking about random keywords, but both Generic and Closely Related keywords for every one of those niches, complete with Global and Monthly searches already there for you.

3,014,349 Amazon Keywords Clearly Organized, Categorized, and Ready for Your Exploitation.

Yes, that's right, 3 followed by six zeroes...

You will save hundreds of hours of time with this incredible resource...

By gaining my master list, you'll no longer have to guess which keywords are gold, and which are garbage.

Find out how often they're being searched and how, and then view all related keywords instantly.

No more wasted time, no more blind attempts, no more late nights researching which keywords and niches you "think" might be best.

Let's face it...

Treasure Chest 1 alone would already make this an exceptionally comprehensive offer...

But, I'm a really big fan of over delivering.

Which is why...

I've created a second Treasure Chest, loaded with 15 modules and containing 20 videos

Amazon Treasur Chest

Over 530 MB of step by step, hand-held guidance designed to build your business from scratch...

Treasure Chest 2 – Video Training Modules

Open this chest and you'll find a complete video-based-set of training modules that show you how to set up your own SEO optimized Amazon Review Site, pulling in traffic, and deliver them to Amazon with open wallets – ready to buy.

Videos are broken down into actionable steps, making it simple and easy for you to follow along.

Want a Peek Inside Chest Two? Here You Go:

Plus....Every Training Module transcribed into a PDF complete with screenshots, all ready to be printed off.

Plus....An MP3 audio file for every Training Session ready for your iPod, mp3 player or for burning to CD for your car journeys.

Plus.... A Complete Wordpress Bonus Folder.

An absolute no-brainer bargain

"Oh My Gosh! Colleen is the queen of over-delivering. This is an absolute no-brainer bargain. It took me forever just to download! Thank you Coleen, you have won me over and gained a lifetime customer.


Delivers solid content in a very easy follow along, connect the dots manner

"WOW, this package is not only huge but delivers solid content in a very easy follow along, connect the dots manner.

Colleen, thanks so much for the fantastic blue print and the terrific price.

- Actdaily"

The information provided in Chest 1 is enough to have me drooling

"Wow Colleen,

I have been making money with Amazon affiliate sites for some time now, and in fact I help others do the same but this WSO is something else!

I'm not even going to start on the stupidly low price you are charging for so much value - because quite frankly, I am still getting my head around that value.

The information provided in Chest 1 is enough to have me drooling, but then you go and over deliver with a proven guide to putting it all together.

Now I've seen the crap they try to sell relating to Making Money with Amazon and you have broken the mold! This course will NOT leave you with a mass of sites and no traffic (unlike some deadbeat courses ) but will hold your hand through not only the steps required to build a solid business, but the fundamentals of affiliate marketing itself.

Really impressed with what I have seen so far and I am like, a sparrows fart into it here!

Still don't know why you are charging so little, I think all the rain and cold weather here in Sydney is affecting your judgement.

I was just about to start doing some research on one of my products... not anymore!!

I'm off to steal all YOUR hard research and delve into these keywords now.

Thanks again Colleen!

- Alex Whalley"

This is an AMAZING package!

"Hi Colleen,

I purchased this a couple of days ago and I just wanted to say "WOW!"

This is an AMAZING package!

If everyone just dedicate 2 hours a day and focus on building their Amazon business, the rewards will be great!

Thank you so much for everything!

- artgirl"

Whether this is your first go at affiliate marketing, or you're an experienced Amazon Vet who's looking to make that final breakthrough, Amazon Treasure Chest is an absolute "must have."

You will save hundreds of hours...

Gain 6,152 Amazon Niches and 3,014,349 highly targeted keyword, all set up for you and ready to go...

No more bloodshot eyes while you research keywords on Google...

No more brain-racking analysis or keyword comparisons...

No mysteries, dead ends, and self-doubt...

This is everything you need, laid out in a perfect, step-by-step program.

Here is your golden ticket to:

In bite size video chunks that I promise won't drown you in info, that you can follow one step at a time; all backed up with friendly, easy to read course PDFs ready to print off and put in a folder, with everything on audio for your mp3 player.

Great Value For Money

Are you used to downloading the standard 55 page ebook and 3 video 'course' that appears to have become the norm now?

Get ready for 725MB of keywords and video training, all yours when you open your Treasure Chest.

It could all be on the way to you two minutes from now.

Take Action. Press the Buy Button and let's get working together.

A Scalable Business

Choose to put in as many or as few hours as you wish, and as your business grows, scale up your input, until one day you can walk into your workplace and empty your desk for the last time.

Those of you who know me know just how successful I've been as an affiliate, and that's all been based on what I'm going to show you when you download my Treasure Chest.

There is a lot of info in the package but it's pretty clear and cut.

"...I've got to say that I have known Colleen through some ventures years back, not personally though. I have bought some of her products and I just have to say that this is EXACTLY what I have been looking for...for a long time!

I jumped right into the videos and was really quite amazed at how simple and clear she explained everything. There is a lot of info in the package but it's pretty clear and cut. All I can say is "WOW" Texas style...Yeha!! This is amazing what she has put forth here gang.

Now, I'm not a newbie because I do make money via Amazon, but there was something missing. What I was missing was soooo simple that it jumped out at me. Of course, that applies to my situation.

If you buy just ONE more it better be this one if your interested in getting into selling Amazon products. But, of course you can use this knowledge to promote via other avenues. And the keyword research she included with this course...well, Jaw dropping!

Anyway, for Colleen...After I went through the videos I renamed the folder:

"My Amazon Affiliate Bible"!! That's how I feel about it. Noughsaid :-)

- Rene"

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

60 days satisfaction guaranteed

By now, it should be pretty darn clear that my goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive and actionable Amazon Affiliate product possible...

I slaved over the creation of this content for months, and I did it for one reason only...

To help you find unbridled success in the world of affiliate marketing.

So, if you're not 100% satisfied, simply send me a message and get your money returned quickly and quietly.

And while many marketers will give you a week or two, I'm giving you 60 days...

You literally have no-risk at all...

So get your Amazon Treasure Chest Today for only $47

Buy Now!

The tools, modules, and research included in this program are worth more than $497...

We're talking about a product that was years in the making, and that delivers a ready-to-go affiliate business right to your computer.

I'm practically giving this away at $47, and I can promise you, the price will rise...

Not because I'm greedy, or don't want you to succeed...

But because I owe it to all of the other marketers out there, people who have spent half a decade or more struggling to figure this stuff out, to at least put a somewhat-fair price on this information...

So to get your copy of Amazon Treasure Chest at the incredibly low price of $47, you must act today...

Don't let this opportunity pass you by, returning to find that the cost of investment has gone up by 50, 100, or even 300 percent...

Get your Amazon Treasure Chest Today While the Investment is Still Just $47

Buy Now!

If there is one thing I love above everything else, it's helping people...

And in my Treasure Chest, I've opened up and given you the sum total of all my experience.

Experience that cost me thousands and thousands of dollars, and nearly 5 years of my life to amass.

And now everything I have ever done is all here, in one massive product that could change your life forever, bring in more money than you thought possible, and give you, and your family, the life you deserve.

Believe me, there's nothing better than a 20ft commute to work, and my Amazon Treasure Chest can give you that.

There's nothing more gratifying than to see your new business bloom and grow. My Treasure Chest has been designed to make that happen.

And there's no feeling in the world like seeing your first sale, the sale that shows that you've made the right decision, that everything you've done is working, and you are on the way to succeeding in your new business.

But you have to take action.

Think about what most businesses cost to start...

If you're lucky, and the business is tiny, maybe you can get it off the ground for a few thousand dollars...

But for most serious businesses, that price tag for starting up is more likely to be somewhere closer to 20 grand.

Which is why the fact that today, for only $47, you could potentially start making life-changing money as a highly successful affiliate marketing powerhouse, is absolutely bonkers...

Are you content to let this Silver Platter of an offer go by and not take action...when you could be starting on your way to Amazon Super Affiliate status for $47

Buy Now!

I want to help, but you have to make the decision.

For things to change, you have to change...

And believe me, your life will start to change as soon as you begin to build your Affiliate business.

Mine did.

Now I want to show you how to achieve that... all you have to do is copy what I do, one small bit at a time, and you will be on your way to success.

I'm giving you the key to a new life here.

Please take it. It opens The Amazon Treasure Chest.

I'm waiting on the other side of this buy button to help you every step of the way as you build and grow your Amazon Affiliate business.

To your well deserved success, and your rapid ascension to affiliate mastery...



* Now normally in sales letters, some sort of compelling P.S. goes here at the end. Rather than do that, however, I'm just going to let some of my 5,659 satisfied customers have the last word...

If you're serious about jumping in on the Amazon game... grab this offer right away

"Colleen hit a homerun with this all-inclusive Amazon course! Honestly, before I reviewed her "Amazon Treasure Chest" I had very little experience with Amazon and... most of it was bad.

That changed from the moment I opened the 1st (of 16!) action packed step by step modules!!

Literally everything needed to make profits happen in a hurry is included, from step by step "do this now" lessons to actual Case Studies broken down and examined in minute detail (honestly, what I learned from those alone is worth 10 times the price of this course).

Colleen even takes the time to show total newbie how to set up a blog. But there's so many advanced "under the radar" strategies for marketers that are further along... like the "App Store & Android" module and the "mp3s & Cloud Player" modules... golden nuggets that really opened my eyes to a whole new possibility I hadn't even thought about before.

The keyword research module is golden and put a new twist on how conventional KW research isn't the best way to go when doing Amazon sites.

Oh, and Colleen also breaks down the whole "Google Dance" so that it's crystal clear from the get-go what needs to be done in order to get lots of G-Love.

Bottom line... if you're serious about jumping in on the Amazon game... grab this offer right away, study it and then pull the trigger and TAKE ACTION.

With Colleen's Amazon Treasure Chest... you WILL succeed!

~Brian Wilkinson"

Great Stuff Colleen!

"...WoW, Great Stuff Colleen!

I am really glad I looked in here today, I wasn't expecting to find anything so power-packed! I am going to have to spend a lot of time getting my head round all the info.

(Not easy when you are an old crumbly like me) Lol.......... xxBigmartxx

Thank you for sharing this with us.

- Bigmart"

This will keep me and my team busy

"...Hi Colleen

I am a long time fan and customer of Colleens and have no hesitation recommending any of her products. This one, however is crazy. There is soooo much. I suggest you think a bit about how to organize the downloads. I am gaining success at Amazon marketing to the point of being able to outsource the building and writing of my sites. I was doing the research. Now even that is done for me, the last missing piece.

This product is massive. I can now limit my research to sifting through what Colleen has dug up so far. This will keep me and my team busy for a long time to come.

Grab it. End of story.

- Bill Urell"

They are great

"...Thank you so much Colleen for all the great videos! I have only gone thru the first 15 videos and they are great! I love the quick videos that target exactly whatthey are supposed to hit on and eliminate all the things you don't need to focus on.

Your review blogs are outstanding! Hopefully one day I will be there too. In the meantime I will continue watching and learning from your videos!

Oh, you give great suggestions for additional tools, including the free ones and I am already using them.

- Cathy Anderson"

Buy Now!

Ridiculous price; massive value; a no-brainer.

"Simply put, if you have to stop and think about this offer, then you don't belong in IM - get out NOW!

Ridiculous price; massive value; a no-brainer.

I have my own business, my own support desk; my own products, etc. I wanted to add new income streams that were simple and would not require my constant attention. That's exactly what I got with this purchase.

I don't have a lot of time to do research - this has done it for me. I can build these sites without having to do a lot of thinking - that's reserved for other projects that need technical brainpower.

- DigitalInfoDiva"

It is the most comprehensive Amazon training I've ever seen.

"My goodness Colleen, I believe Amazon needs to hire you as a trainer. I suspect you know more about Amazon than most anyone!

This product is ........gosh, words fail me! lol It is the most comprehensive Amazon training I've ever seen.

Congrats on pouring your 5 years of knowledge and experience into this and sharing it with us Warriors. Much appreciated.

Off to spend some time downloading - lol

All the best,


Stop reading, go back to the first page and buy it for goodness sake

"So, along comes Coleen and starts all of this hyperbole with a statement at the top which is quite frankly ludicrous:

"I Think Its About Time Someone Actually Overdelivered For You And I Mean Seriously Overdelivered....."

And then I have to read phrases like, "Wow", "Awesome", "Amazing".

Something needs to be said here. Í think the appropriate response to The Amazon Treasure Chest Complete Transcript, never mind the content of the most ridiculous download page


And in this case, I don't think it is going too far...not far enough.

So stop reading, go back to the first page and buy it for goodness sake.

Now let's fill up the flasks with coffee, shut the doors, turn off the phones and I'll see everyone next week....





- John Coates"

Beginners should not be afraid to buy this

"Colleen is very thorough, and beginners should not be afraid to buy this, because she explains everything in great detail, and not just about Amazon, but also about blogging with Wordpress. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about Wordpress, but still learned enough to make that part worth my while.

I appreciate having a pdf transcript with screenshots, being more of a reader than a watcher. I'll watch a video once, but then I prefer to have a transcript handy if I want to look something up, and with all that content, I seriously doubt I'll be able to absorb it all in just one time around.

Thanks, Colleen

- Judith Callier"

Buy Now!

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